SC Classrooms with Computers

graphic for classrooms with computers

ECS Computer Classrooms


1245 SC Computer Classroom

The Henry Electronic Classroom, 1245 SC, has 46 Windows computers, 45 for students and 1 for the instructor. When that room is not used by a scheduled class, it can be used as computer lab space by any Engineering computer account holder. See the equipment and use policy, the reservation form, and the room schedule.

3231 SC Computer Classroom

There are 24 computers plus an instructor station in this computer classroom that opened for college use in January 2014. Its primary use, like that of 1245, is for engineering classes in which curriculum-based, computer-assisted instruction is an integral part of the course. See the equipment and use policy, the reservation form, and the room schedule.

Computers in SC Classrooms

The general assignment classrooms in SC -- 1505, 2133, 2217, 2229, 3026, 3315, 3321, 3505, and 4030 -- have Windows computers and ceiling-mounted projectors. (The 70-seat classrooms -- 2217, 2229, and 3505 -- have 2 ceiling-mounted projectors.) The computers at the front of these rooms are in the Iowa domain, which requires using your HawkID. For information about logging in and what software you have access to, read about classroom login. Look at the UI classroom site for pictures and details about the general assignment classrooms in SC.

These rooms also have a plug so that a laptop can be connected and its screen displayed from the ceiling-mounted projector.

There are Linux laptops available for use in 2217, 2229, and 3505. Read a description of the laptops and information about how to use them. The Linux laptops must be reserved for class use.