Conference Room Computers

conference rooms with computers icon The 3111, 3210, 3220, 3511, 4505, and 4511SCĀ  conference rooms have Windows computers and ceiling-mounted projectors. The computers in 3210, 3220, and 4511 are secured in a locked podium. Use the USB cable to connect a USB flash (thumb) drive. 2258 and 3258 have a Windows computer and an 80" monitor that is mounted on the wall. All of these computers are in the Engin domain. 2258, 3210, 3220, and 3258 are excellent rooms in which to have a video conference.

You can login using your engineering account and password, which gives you access to your home directory files and the lab load of engineering software. You can also login to the local computer if you do not have an Engineering account or prefer not to use your personal account on public computers. Instructions for doing so are in each conference room. You have access to all the software installed locally on the computer, which includes most of the standard engineering software.

All of these rooms have an occupancy sensor so that the room remains unlocked (the card access light is green) so long as there is movement in the room.