Video Conference Rooms in SC

video conference rooms icon Several conference rooms in SC can be used for video conferences. Lync, Polycom, and Skype are technologies available for conferencing. Only 2228 SC has Polycom video conferencing equipment. Other conference rooms, including 3210 and 3220, can be used for web conferencing; read that document  to decide which room to reserve. Read below for reservation information.

2228 SC

The video conferencing board room, 2228 SC, is equipped with the equipment described below.2228 conference table with screen at front

  • Polycom 7000 video conferencing system (IP only

    multipoint server for three remote video connections
    People+Content to broadcast video (people) and computer data (content) simultaneously
    1366 X 1024 resolution; display can be side by side, PIP (picture in picture)
    2 cameras: main camera with conference table presets; lectern and whiteboard views
    stereo audio output

  • Sound Station II, (319) 384-06702228 back of room

    excellent audio pickup throughout the room
    bridges an audio call to the video conference
    single button mute
    conference phone for audio only meetings

  • Windows computer with conference room software load

    Engineering network and instructor local account
    NTSC video input card that can record conference meetings
    People+Content application for Data/Conference broadcast
    TightVNC server and NetConference software
    large data drive for recording storage capabilities

  • Displays

    Sharp 80" display
    2228 big screen and cameras 2 13" smaller displays below for easy viewing from table

  • Logitec webcam

  • 2228 SC

    V-shaped conference table
    wireless networking
    heavy blue curtain for definition and sound blocking
    indirect lighting to fill room and reduce shadows, video fluorescent bulbs
    door lock controlled with motion detection system
    table seating 8-10; maximum 16 in room

3210 and 3220 SC

The classroom/video conference rooms 3210 and 3220 SC are furnished similarly, as described below.

  • Aerial Microphone

    excellent audio pickup throughout room
    single button mute

  • Sound Station conference phone, (319) 384-4331 (3210 SC)

    stand-alone, for audio conferencing

  • Windows computer with full engineering lab software load

    Engineering network and instructor local account
    TightVNC server/NetConference software

  • Display

    HP Consumer Television 1366 X 1024
    1024 X 768 projector

  • Wireless networking and seating for 22 people

How to Reserve a Video Conference Room

Rooms are reserved by the administrative staff in SC. You may need to supply the name and phone of the local and remote people responsible for conference coordination and support, the number expected to attend the conference, if a telephone connection in 2228 SC is needed, if more than one remote site will be involved, and the IP address of the remote site.