Engineering Help Desk

Engineering Help Desk Consultants March 2013

The Engineering Help Desk is staffed by student consultants -- Rick Zamudio, Tim McRoy, Alex McClure,

Tyler Dunkel, Cody Soultz, and the Help Desk Manager, Sarah Williams.

Come to the office, 1253 SC, during office hours: 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday; call 319-335-5055; or send email.

Here are links to the information most commonly requested by people coming to or calling the Engineering Help Desk.

Solution of the week:  (1/22/14): If links to URLs from your ICON sites appear to be blank, click the shield (upper left in FIrefox; upper right in Chrome) to allow the blocked content. Read the ITS article.

Install Symantec Anti-virus for engineering students, staff, and faculty.

Change or reset engineering account password. Password rules.

Use the Connect2 VPN.

Use the VDI to get a virtual Windows lab machine. video

Use NX Nomachine to connect to a virtual Linux workstation. video

Use Webprint. How to use Webprint. video

Complete an on-line form to request software, report a lost item, ask for help.

New to the College of Engineering? Read the ECS Quick Start Guide, the Survival Tips, and FAQ about Computing in Engineering.

Information about the electronic access card.

Engineering Help Desk scanner, Linux workstation   Sarah's desk in Engineering Help Desk office


Solution of the Week Archive

Solution of the week (12/9/13): If you are printing a document in one of the student computer labs and mistakenly select to use Tray 1 (manual feed), when you go to the printer, press OK twice and the document will print to the next tray filled with paper.

Solution of the week (6/17/13): If you can log into Windows but not to Linux, you might be over your Linux quota. Log into a Windows machine, open Computer and look at files on the L: drive, where Linux documents are stored. Remove unneeded files. See Disk Quota and How to Manage Disk Space  and Reducing Disk Usage for more information on managing disk space.

Solution of the week (4/22): If you are working on a class assignment and  unable to run Ansys because of a license error, be sure to select the teaching license version. To run the teaching license version of Ansys on Windows, go to Start | All Programs | Ansys | ANSYS APDL Product Launcher. Once Ansys has started, choose ANSYS Academic Teaching Advanced in the License area near the top of the screen.

Solution of the week (4/15): Get the VDI client for the machine you are using.

Solution of the week (3/4): When running codeblocks on a Linux computer, open up a terminal window and type css-codeblocks. This will start codeblocks with the proper settings and not cause the computer to slow down.

Solution of the week (2/11): when trying to connect to the eduroam wireless network, you must use your Hawk ID + "". If your Hawk ID is bgreene, to connect to the wireless, your User Name would be "".