SC Electronic Building Access

The College of Engineering access control system is composed of computer-controlled electronic locks that are operated by an access card.

If you have a Hawk ID and an affiliation (student, staff, faculty) with the College of Engineering, your Iowa One® Card is your Seamans Center (SC) access card.

If you are not affiliated with the College of Engineering and need to use SC resources, an Engineering faculty or staff member must authorize your access. After that sponsor has notified ECS, come to the ECS office, 1256 SC, with your Iowa One card, if you have one, or government ID, such as a driver’s license. If you have a UI Health Care Badge, bring it so that SC access can be added to the card.

If you need access to doors that are not included by default, go to department that manages the space to get authorization.

If you have problems with your access card, come to the ECS office, 1256 SC.

The default doors are the perimeter doors that have access control, and the student labs and study spaces. In addition faculty and staff have access to conference rooms in SC.