Firefox, the Browser

firefox logoFirefox is a browser written by the Mozilla group. Firefox imports bookmarks/favorites from other browsers (Mozilla, Internet Explorer). There are Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPod, and Android versions.

Extras, Search

Firefox includes features that other browsers have copied. Search tools are built into the toolbar. From the built-in search bar, you can easily search Amazon, Ask, , Creative Commons,, eBay, Google, IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base), Wikipedia, Yahoo, and many more. If there are searches you make often, you can add search engines by clicking Manage Search Engines... from the bottom of the existing search engines. Popup windows are automatically blocked, but you can change the setting in Tools | Options | Content to allow those annoying ads. For information about why use Firefox and to download, read Mozilla’s Firefox page.


Firefox allows you (no administrator needed) to add extensions to your browser. Extensions are add-ons that add functionality. Adblock Plus blocks annoying ads and banners. Cooliris Preview gives you a view of a linked page. StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests. Read It Later saves web pages for reading when you have time. Go to the Firefox add-ons site to see available extensions, personas, themes, and a brief description of what each does.

Try It

To run Firefox, go to Start | All Programs | Mozilla Firefox. If you want help adding extensions, please talk to a consultant at the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055.

At Home

You can download Firefox from Installation is simple.