What Goes on in the Engineering Electronics Shop?

Why do students come to the shop?

lockers They come in to get supplies for projects and to get answers to design, testing, and problem-solving questions. And to rent lockers.

What sort of help do students ask for? What sort of help do they get?

They ask for help with equipment that is not working, and what parts should they buy for a particular project or application.

Often we can repair broken equipment. We also recommend appropriate parts. [add something about the training that Tom and John have.]

What services does the shop provide that students should know about?

We provide support to many undergraduate laboratories by repairing broken equipment, keeping parts and equipment on hand, and helping students successfully complete projects.

Why do faculty or staff come to the shop?

They come to get recommendations or ideas for experiments or projects, as well as to ask about the price of equipment they would like to order. Just like students, they also buy batteries, paper, office supplies, pens, and keyboards as well.

EES supply cabinets

What projects has the EES done for engineering faculty or staff?

We have installed equipment in undergraduate labs and in the Virtual Soldier lab. We have  work alongside the Engineering Machine Shop staff for several projects. We have also completed projects for the Biology department.

What departments on campus buy from the shop?

Many departments on campus buy from the shop, but a few the most regular customers are the IMU, the Communications Center (audio equipment), campus planning, and the biology department.

What equipment is in the shop for the EES staff to use? How is that equipment used?

A VersaLaser printer, a thermal imaging camera, calibration equipment, and circuit board mills.

What is the VersaLaser and what projects have you used it for?versalaser printer

The Versalaser is a 50-watt CO2 laser for edging and engraving plastics and metal.  It can cut acrylic up to 4/10 of an inch thick.  Within the University, it has been used for art projects, name tags, door tags, and staff appreciation awards. Outside of the university, the laser has engraved panels for the Children’s museum in Coralville and it has also been used to engrave numbers on connecters that were sent into space to go to Jupiter and revolve around the earth in a satellite.

How do people find out about EES?

Word of mouth and freshman orientation.