Mousepad - EES Dye-sublimation Printer

EES logo on mousepad

EES purchased a Ricoh SG 3110DN dye-sublimation printer in May 2014. Ricoh calls this a GELJET, and it is used to print high-quality color output on paper that can then be heat-transferred onto mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, coasters, name tags, and a host of other items (see the photo at the bottom of this article). The process to create this mousepad was pretty easy. Diana (ECS) provided a high quality .jpg image of the EES logo. John (EES) used Corel Draw to add a background and convert the image to line art.

 image for mousepad

 He sent the file to the Ricoh printer.

transfer for mousepad coming off printer

He took the printed logo and taped

taping transfer to mousepad

the blank mousepad to it, then put it in the heat press

 mousepad in heat press

for the specified time (45 seconds) using the specified temperature (400). The resulting mouse pad

 mousepad heated

was given to Alec Scranton as as sample of what could be done on the new printer. If you want to see that pad, go to Alec's office or look at the leading photo above.

If you want to create your own mousepad, talk to John in EES about pricing.

Items the dye-sublimation printer can print transfers for

May 2014