EES This Week

These articles highlight an EES project.

Personalize It in the Electronics Shop - examples of what the dye-sublimation printer can produce. (week of 28 July)

Mousepad: Dye-sublimation Printer - this printer is new in EES and can print mousepads, mugs, coasters, and more. (week of 26 May 2013)

Grid for Scale - designed in CorelDraw and printed on the VersaLaser to provide scale for objects being featured in EES and EMS articles. (week of 18 March 2013)

Hearing Response Box - research equipment built for the the Depart of Neurosurgery. (week of 7 January 2013)

Engineers and Artists collaborate - posters created by art students for the RadTech competition. Engineering students helped the artists understand photopolymerization chemistry and technology for the competition. (week of 29 October 2012)

Nerve Traffic Analyzer - a piece of research equipment fabricated in the Engineering Electronics Shop. (week of 22 October 2012)