Engineers and Artists Collaborate

3 of the submitted posters

plaque for student posters

EES does all sorts of jobs, including odd jobs that beautify the Seamans Center and highlight the efforts of engineering students.  A recent task involved finding plexiglas for the posters, drilling and mounting the fasteners that held the posters, using theVersaLaser to create the plaque, and then mounting the whole display on the wall outside of 3501 SC using 80/20 aluminum framing.

In the spring of 2012 ten chemical and biochemical engineering graduate students provided technical help to graphic design students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to create posters for the RadTech International competition held in Chicago. The engineering students helped the art students understand photopolymerization chemistry and technology. Julie Jessop, CBE faculty, coordinated the collaboration between the photopolymerization research groups and the group of graphic design students.

Ten posters were submitted, and won both first and second place at the event, which is dedicated to the educational, technical, and scientific advancement of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technologies.

The students involved with the project were Brian Dillman, Gbenga Ajiboye, Sage Schissel, Hajime Kitano, Clint Cook, Brad Forney, Brad Tuft, Kristan Sorenson, Jon Scholte, and Todd Thorson.

Photos: plaque created on VersaLaser printer (above), the poster frames and mounting rail sample, and the VersaLaser printer.  mounting rail sample and poster frames   VersaLaser Printer

See more photos showing the work involved in hanging the posters.

June 2013