Objet Printer Arrived in EMS

Objet printer being set up

EMS recently took delivery of an Objet 3D printer. Objet printer in box The Objet 260 is manufactured by Stratasys, the company that also made the Dimension and Fortus 3D printers. The Objet 260 Connex is a photo-polymer, UV cure 3D printer that will extend the sort of prototyping possible with the existing 3D printers. The Objet can print high resolution, rigid, flexible, transparent, and colored objects. Its features include:

  • up to 14 material properties in a single 3D
  • print rubber like materials
  • rigid materials in a variety of colors
  • digitally mixed ABS materials
  • high temperature materials
  • transparent or tinted material
  • generously sized build box 260 x 260 x 200 mm
  • 16 micron layer resolution

The printer was installed this week (21 July 2014). Steve and Bill learned how to use the software and maintain the printer. Objet printer training

After the printer was set up, the first test print (in process in this photo) objet printer at work

was 2 wrenches. wrenches from Objet printer

 The finished wrenches are encased in support material objet wrench in support material,

which must be removed in the cleaning station. objet cleaning station

You hold the object to be cleaned with the gloves attached and the wiper keeps the view into the cleaning box. objet cleaning box with gloves

July 2014