EMS This Week

This series of articles highlights a project or activity occuring in the Engineering Machine Shop.

New welding equipment: why, how, who - A student employee noted that the welding equipment was out-of-date and what happened. (week of 28 July 2014)

Objet printer arrived in EMS - Another 3D printer that uses different materials. (week of 21 July 2014)

Cool logos - Created on OMAX waterjet cutter by EMS employee and student Andrew S. (week of 2 Dec 2013)

3D printer at work - Watch a video of one of the 3D printers in EMS at work (week of 14 October 2013)

Brain gear - Printed from a sample file that came with the 3D printer (week of 18 March 2013)

Heart parts - Bio-synthetic tubes to be used as stents, formed on a lathe created in the EMS (week of 4 March 2013)

Blood vessels - A model of a 6mm x 6mm area in the human eye, made on the 3D printer (week of 18 February 2013)

Mammoth bones - Bones from the Oskaloosa mammoth were scanned and printed in the 3D printer (week of 21 January 2013)

Student projects - Finals week fall 2012 meant lots of work for the 3D printer (week of 3 December 2012)

3D printer - The Fortus 400 3D printer was calibrated and is ready to use (week of 29 October 2012)

Napoleon - Napoleon's death mask scanned in the Picza 3D scanner (week of 15 October 2012)