Cool Logos from OMAX WaterJet Cutter

VMUG logo from waterjet cutter

In July 2012 EMS took delivery on the OMAX waterjet cutter. This past summer the shop added the angle cut head and terrain follower to the waterjet. With that hardware upgrade, users can create offsets to their designs. Andrew Sterling, a student employee in the shop since April 2013, talked to the installing technician and got interested in using the new feature. Since then, Andrew has created 3 different paperweights cut on the waterjet. Matt McLaughlin, a systems administrator in ECS and vice president of VMUG, the VMWare user's group, wanted to take the the VMUG board of directors a paper weight of the VMUG logo and created on the waterjet.

Then Andrew was asked to create a paperweight for people attending the EITC (Engineering IT Conference); Iowa hosted that annual event this October.

EITC logo in aluminum

In working on a design for the EITC piece, he created the UI Engineering paperweight, which was given to  Alec Scranton, dean of the college.

UI College of Engineering in aluminum

For all these projects, he used software that came with the machine that displays a 2D rendering of the object.

Andrew Sterling is a third year mechanical engineering student. He says that working in the EMS is like an internship program, but he gets paid. He got interested in working in the Machine Shop after taking the Design for Manufacturing course taught by Ibrahim Ozbolat; the final student project in that class is designing a car that will soar further than other team's cars. For the past couple years, most of the student teams in the course have used the Fortus 3D printer to create the chassis. Recently Andrew has been working with the CNC milling machines. What caught our eye was the work he did on the waterject cutting machine for a couple conferences that ECS staff attended, as noted above. He said that he likes graphic design but does not have any training in design.

The VMWare logo took about 33 minutes per item to cut; the UI engineering item took about 30 minutes, and the EITC item took about 9 minutes per piece.

3 logos in aluminum from waterjet cutter

Andrew is currently designing a surprise.

December 2013