Heart parts

bio-synthetic tube

The project started with a motor, which was supplied to the Engineering Machine Shop, by students working in the BioMOST lab. That motor was to drive a lathe assembly, a machine that would make tubes of a bio-synthetic material. Steve Struckman, EMS Manager, designed the machine using Autodesk Inventor, and built parts using a lathe, the CNC mill, the OMAX water jet, and the Fortus 400 3D printer. The resulting lathe assembly produced the bio-synthetic tube shown.  The material can be attached to a metal stent made of nitinol, which has memory shape characteristics. 

Ben Dickerhoff, a master’s degree candidate in Biomedical Engineering and Chaid Schwarz, a doctoral degree candidate, work on cardiovascular implants and devices in M. Raghavan’s BioMOST lab. This specific project uses a bio-synthetic material for heart valve replacements.

The completed lathe and a section of tubing and nitinol:

tube-forming lathe length  tube-forming lathe showing motor

 tube and nitinol

March 2013