Engineering (Lecture) & Something More (ELSM, Part 3)

A conversation about classroom innovation in the College of Engineering

In the Fall semester of 2016 the College of Engineering will host a series of workshops, luncheons, and demonstrations that promote our motto of Engineering and Something More. 

Engineering faculty members are invited to attend and may participate by suggesting topics for discussion, joining a workshop, or inviting colleagues to observe their classroom.

This project is designed for and about faculty in the College of Engineering and invited guests.  This session will focus primarily on the development, initiation, and ongoing maintenance of flipped and active learning strategies.

If you would like to be a part of conversation or have suggestions, contact Keri Hornbuckle, Associate Dean for Academic Programs: (319) 335-5148;; 3100 Seamans Center.

Calendar of Lunch Discussions
Classroom Open Houses

ELSM Advisory Board consists of Profs Udaykumar (Dept. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering); Erwei Bai (Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering); Al Ratner (Dept. Mechanical and Industrial Engineering); and Sarah Vigmostad (Dept. Biomedical Engineering).