Engineering (Lecture) & Something More: Workshops


Design and Implementation of Cooperative Learning

Tuesday, 9/24/13 | 2:30-5:30 | W401 PBB

Karl A. Smith, Ph.D.

Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor & Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Minnesota

Cooperative Learning Professor of Engineering Education, Purdue University

Workshop Description

An ongoing challenge for faculty is how to develop effective strategies that engage students with one another and with the instructor. In this workshop, participants will explore techniques for designing and facilitating student-student interaction that ensure enhanced learning.
Participants will learn more about their role in designing, structuring, and implementing cooperative learning activities that support higher achievement and greater productivity by all students. These strategies are research-based, and include positive interdependence, individual and group accountability, face-to-face interaction, teamwork skills, and group processing. 
Examples will be provided to help the participants select, design, and revise cooperative learning and challenge-based learning materials. The workshop is hands-on, interactive, and focused on helping participants select, prepare, and structure cooperative learning materials and strategies for their classes. Participants will learn how to overcome the challenges and barriers to implementing cooperative learning.
Professor Smith's visit to the University of Iowa is co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching and ITS -Instructional Services.
Professor Smith's workshop materials can be found on his website -