Eric Pahl

Eric Pahl is in his second summer internship with Iowa NSF EPSCoR. He is continuing his 2013 project with EPSCoR researcher Shaoping Xiao at the University of Iowa. Last summer, they submitted a paper entitled “Geartooth Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Life Numerical Modeling and Simulation.”

This summer, Pahl is working on a part of the wind turbine gearbox, the part of the turbine that increases rotational speeds to achieve maximum energy output. Specifically he is studying the bearing, which reduces friction. Their goal is to accurately predict the life of the wind turbine bearing.

Pahl is a member of the Iowa Men’s Water Polo club team and is also a teaching assistant for University of Iowa professors Justin Garvin and Gary Christensen. He enjoys lifting weights and riding his bike and is currently training for a sprint triathlon that will take place early September.