Can I take a class Pass/Fail?

No coursework taken in the College of Engineering on the pass/nonpass option may be used to satisfy requirements for an engineering degree.

A maximum of two courses taken pass/nonpass (P/N) may be applied toward the general education (humanities and social sciences) requirement. The P/N option may not be used for courses taken to satisfy the rhetoric requirement. Guided Independent Study courses taken for humanities or social science credit may not be taken P/N. 

P/N registration must be approved by the student's advisor and the instructor of the course who must then sign the appropriate form (request the form at the SDC, 3124 SC).  The completed form must be submitted to the University of Iowa registration center by the student within the time period established by University policy (normally the first 10 days of a semester or the first two weeks of a summer session).  P/N registration may not be changed after the deadline for adding courses. 

The mark of P (pass) is awarded where the final course grade earned was C-minus or higher; the mark of N (nonpass) is given for grades of D-plus or below; marks of P and N are not used in computing the grade-point average, and the mark of N does not count as earned credit.