Can I use AP credit in engineering?

Yes, generally, we think it’s a great idea and economic advantage for students to utilize AP exams and gain credit!  If the student earns AP credit but doesn’t feel very confident in their abilities for that area of study they can still choose to take the class at The University of Iowa and use the knowledge they gained in the AP level class as a good starting foundation.  We believe students are the best judge of their abilities as to whether they should take the AP credit and directly move onto the next level course.  Students are typically able to switch courses the first week of classes during the semester, so if they experience a higher level of difficulty than expected they can always switch to a course closer to their comfort and knowledge level. 

Advanced Placement Program Credit Policies: More specific information on AP credit, including what score you need to gain credit. Make sure to scroll down to the College of Engineering policies. 

credit by exam options (AP/IP/CLEP)

One caveat that MAY influence the use of AP credit is the math and chemistry placement tests first-year engineering students will take prior to orientation.  These placement tests will be the ultimate determining factor for which classes the students are able to register for.