Academic Forms



Add a Course
This form is used after the start of classes to add a course to your academic schedule. You will need to obtain your academic advisor signature, instructor signature. After the first 10 days of the semester you will need to obtain the Dean signature of the college that controls the course. Once all signatures are on the form you will take the form to 17 CALH to add the course to your schedule.

Drop a Course
This form requires students to obtain the signatures of the academic advisor and the instructor. The dean or associate dean must also approve and sign the form if after the 11th week of class. Classes may not be dropped after the 13th week of class without providing acceptable evidence of an extenuating circumstance.  The student must deliver the form to 17 CALH by the due date.

This form is used during early registration to notify the college registrar of course conflicts that is occurring in your upcoming semester schedule. Fill out form for each course conflict.


Change Major/Advisor Form

This form is to used when you wish to change your major within the College of Engineering.  You may also use this form to request an advisor.

Once the form is submitted, please allow at least one week for processing. 

Performance Improvement Plan
If you received a notice from the College that you have been placed on probation, you are required to complete this form and bring it to your meeting with the Student Development Center.

EFA Forms
All declared students are required to complete an Elective Focus Area form, declaring the group of courses to be appplied toward their degree. 


Permission to Register for Additional Hours
College of Engineering students are able to register for 19 s.h. during early registration.  If you need to register for additional hours above 19 s.h., please fill out this form and obtain your advisor signature. Turn the form into 3124 SC.  If authorized you will be able to register for the additional hours after early registration ends.

Early Participation Form
If you intending to walk in the commencement ceremony but you will not receive your degree until a later time, please fill out this form.  For example, you will walk in the May commencement ceremony, but you are completing a course during the summer session. 

Petition for Course Substitution
This form is to be completed by the student to request a substitution of a degree required course for another course.   Student should obtain their advisors signature and Department Chair signature on the form prior to submitting the form to 3124 SC.

Second Grade Option Form
Complete this form, if you completed the course at University of Iowa and you are completing the course for the second time at the University of Iowa.

Please see form for additional requirements.


Special Permission Form
Students outside the College of Engineering, may request permission to add a College of Engineering course after early registration, prior to the new session beginning.  Please complete form, students will be notified by email, once permission has been granted. Permission granted does not guarantee a seat in the course.


Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate
Students wishing to complete the Technological Entreprenuership Certificate through the College of Engineering may complete the form and submit the list of courses they will complete in order to receive the certificate.  Once course list is approved students will receive an email. 


Summer 2014 pre-advising Worksheet
This form should be only completed by incoming students prior to attending an orientation session.