Student and Alumni Stories

Allaa Hassanein

Of her experience as an honors student, Allaa says, “My attempts to gain the honors credits pushed me to try things I do not think I would have been brave enough to try on my own. Having gone through with all these various experiences helped me be a well-rounded individual. A fact that did not go unnoticed when the time came to apply for jobs.

Hanjun Kim

While working towards his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering, Hanjun served as president of the Iowa City chapter of the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA). It was through Hanjun’s involvement in KSEA that he met Dr. David Lee, faculty member in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department, and national president of KSEA.

Hudson Francis

As an undergraduate, Hudson developed an electronic component level thermal analysis software program, which is used in the Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD) on campus.

Jacklyn Engelbart

The objective of Jacklyn’s honors research was to use a patient-specific, standard, two-dimensional echocardiogram to assemble a model of left ventricular motion, and in the future, have it applied to the associated fluid mechanics of the left ventricle and mitral valve.

Karan Rao

Karan began his undergraduate career as a student in the University Honors Program by completing two honors courses. Of the experience, he says, "I was challenged in a positive way in the classroom, but encouraged throughout by the support of my professors.

Katherine Hixon

When asked to reflect on her experience as an Engineering Honors student, Katherine commented, “Completing an honors thesis has been a fantastic experience, and has prepared me for graduate-level work.” Katherine researched the gene IRF6 and its role in wound healing.

Tanzeh Khan

When asked what she would tell other students about honors, Tanzeh replied, “If you are considering doing honors, you definitely should! Pursuing honors adds a new perspective to your education. University Honors allowed me to take some amazing honors courses, as well as expand my learning beyond the classroom.

Zachary Rasmussen

Zachary is an active member of the University community, illustrated by his leadership positions on the Club Soccer Team and the Biomedical Engineering Student Society (BMESS), and volunteer work for Dance Marathon and the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.