ESS Staff Bios and Contact

  1. Registrar

As the College of Engineering Registrar, I serve all students, faculty and staff to develop systems that will allow for us to be more efficient as a team. Part of my role as the Engineering... Read more

  1. Director of Global Experiences & Academic Advisor

I am thrilled to work in the College of Engineering as the Director of Global Experiences and Academic Advisor. As an advisor, I work with first-year and undeclared students. I enjoy meeting... Read more

  1. Director of the Hanson Center for Technical Communication

My job is to train Iowa engineers to write and speak with clarity and insight. The Center's staff of peer consultants and professional graders will prepare you for a career in which success is... Read more

  1. Director of Engineering Professional Development

As Director of Engineering Professional Development, I have the opportunity to wear many different hats.  I help connect students and employers through the college’s co-op and internship program,... Read more

  1. Associate Dean for Academic Programs

As associate dean I coordinate the college’s mission for K12-Outreach, undergraduate admissions, academic advising, student professional development, and other areas of undergraduate student... Read more

  1. Director of Tutoring and Academic Advisor

My two main roles in the College of Engineering are Director of Tutoring and Academic Advisor. As the Director of Tutoring, I am able to manage and... Read more

  1. Director of Academic Advising and Retention

I am responsible for advising students as they enter the College at orientation and continuing through their first year. I also coordinate the two-day off campus Student Leadership Retreats, which... Read more