Scott Coffel

Director of the Hanson Center for Technical Communication

My job is to train Iowa engineers to write and speak with clarity and insight. The Center's staff of peer consultants and professional graders will prepare you for a career in which success is measured not only by your technical skill set but by the quality of your reports, presentations, and yes--even e-mails. I work closely with faculty to deliver writing-intensive assignments across the curriculum, and to provide detailed and constructive feedback to hundreds of students each semester. The Hanson CTC is a friendly place to visit; we will go the extra mile to ensure that you leave our office feeling more confident in your ability to express your expertise. And did I fail to mention the free candy?

Though not a native Iowan (I grew up in New York City and also spent several years in Seattle), I have grown fond of Iowa City, its often "exciting" weather, and its ever-increasing diversity.