Current Students FAQ

Each case is different and so students will be directed to go to their advisors for a meeting to discuss what their remainder time will look like here at the university after their study aboard courses have been approved.

University of Iowa undergraduate students who achieve a g.p.a. of 4.00 on 12 s.h. or more of University of Iowa graded course work and who have no semester hours of I (incomplete) or O (no grade reported) for two consecutive semesters (excluding summer sessions) are recognized by inclusion on the President's List.

Undergraduate students in the College of Engineering who achieve a GPA. of 3.50 or higher on 12 s.h. or more of University of Iowa graded course work during a given semester or summer session and who have no semester hours of I (incomplete) or O (no grade reported) during the same semester are recognized by inclusion on the Dean's List for that semester.

Graduation with distinction recognizes high academic achievement based on grades. The college awards degrees "with highest distinction" to students in the highest 2 percent of their graduating class, "with high distinction" to students in the next-highest 3 percent, and "with distinction" to students in the next-highest 5 percent. Ranking is based on students' grade-point average for all...

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Outstanding undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional accomplishment through research, directed independent study, teaching internships, or other approved nondegree enrichment activities may graduate with honors. They must maintain a University of Iowa g.p.a. of at least 3.33, complete an honors project with a faculty member, and participate in a college-wide honors seminar with...

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Generally any course that is numbered 3000 and above is considered to be an upper-level course. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which are listed on the approved humanities and social science web site.

Go to the approved humanities and social science courses web site. You may take any courses listed on the department web site. If the course you want to take as a humanities course is not listed on the web site, you may petition for its consideration by submitting a ...

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Questions about whether a course is appropriate for your EFA should be directed to your faculty advisor.  However, many of the departments list acceptable courses on their website.  If the course is not on the approved list of EFA courses (which can be found on your major's curriculum web site) or if you want to change a course on your EFA, many departments will allow you to fill out a...

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You need to declare your elective focus area within your department.  EFA forms may be picked up in your department's office. Once your form has all the required signatures, the department will forward it to the Student Development Center staff.  It often takes a month or more to complete the process and get your degree evaluation updated. 

The general education component stem promotes understanding of and appreciation for society and culture through course work in the humanities and social sciences.

Students earn 15 s.h. in humanities and social sciences courses chosen from approved departments and programs; at least 3 s.h. must be earned in courses that the College of Engineering has designated as humanities courses, and...

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