Current Students FAQ

The Performance Improvement Plan is for students who have been put on academic probation. Students on probation are asked to analyze what prohibited their success in the past, their goal for the future and specific actions to be taken to achieve goals. Arrange an appointment with Nancy Schneider and follow-up meeting with faculty advisor.

Speak to the professor to see what you could be doing differently. Talk to your advisor about your study habits, get some tips on how to change what you are doing wrong. Utilize tutoring programs, they really can improve your grade. Also, you can drop any individual course throughout the semester, but there is a deadline.

Students have to option to retake a class for second grade option. Any student can have up to 3 second grade options. In order for you to receive a second grade option they need to complete the second grade option form, located in 3124 SC or online.

The second grade option.   A student may elect to repeat a course with only the new grade being counted in his or her grade-...

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The College of Engineering does not calculate your exact Major GPA. The closest GPA to this is your GPA of courses applied towards your degree, which is found on page 1 of your degree evaluation.

This is calculated from the grades in all courses you have taken for the BSE degree, i.e. calculus, social science/humanities, rhetoric, chemistry, and engineering courses. It does not include...

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The college uses a letter grading system. A denotes superior performance, B denotes above average, C denotes average, D denotes below average, and F denotes failure of the course.

Plus and minus designate gradations of performance between letter grades. Letter grades and their numerical equivalents are as follows.

  • A–plus: 4.33
  • A (superior): 4.00...
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No coursework taken in the College of Engineering on the pass/nonpass option may be used to satisfy requirements for an engineering degree.

A maximum of two courses taken pass/nonpass (P/N) may be applied toward the general education (humanities and social sciences) requirement. The P/N option may not be used for courses taken to satisfy the rhetoric requirement. Guided...

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Students who withdraw their entire registration must consult the staff at the Student Development Center.

A student on scholastic probation who withdraws registration at any time without good cause may not be permitted to enroll for the following semester without specific approval from the Student Development Center staff. Withdrawal requests must be approved by the...

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Students in the College of Engineering are classified by the number of semester hours of credit they have earned toward the Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

First-year: 0-29 s.h. earned toward the B.S.E.
Sophomore: 30-59 s.h. earned toward the B.S.E.
Junior: 60-89 s.h. earned toward the B.S.E.
Senior: 90 s.h. or more earned toward the B.S.E.

Undergraduates receive the mark of W for any course dropped after the second week of the semester or the first one-and-one-half weeks of the summer session. Students remain responsible for the tuition associated with the course.  Students may not drop the same course with a mark of W more than twice.

First make sure you know who your current advisor is.  You can find this out by logging into ISIS.  Then ask your prospective advisor if they are available.

If you are a junior or senior, you must have faculty advisor from your major program. Ask the receptionist in the Student Development Center (3124 SC) if you need an appointment to make the change.  If you are a first or...

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