Do engineering students have to study all the time?

The quick answer to this question is no.  Although engineering is a rigorous curriculum, we strongly encourage our students to work smarter, not harder.  This means utilizing the resources the College of Engineering offers to help you be successful and asking for help when you need it.  We have free tutoring services 5 nights a week, students create study groups to support their own and one another’s learning, and professors hold office hours if you have questions or need one-on-one help. 

You will have plenty of time for things besides classes and studying if you manage your time well.  A great way to think about balance and time management is to divide your week into thirds.  About 1/3 of the week (56 hours) you spend in class and studying, 1/3 you spend sleeping (estimating 8 hours of sleep per night), and then you have another 1/3 (56 hours) to spend doing whatever else you want (working out, eating, showering, going to a football game, watching movies/TV, volunteering, etc.)!  We strongly encourage students to get involved with activities outside of engineering to create balance in their lives.