For specific research interests and projects by faculty member, select the individual faculty member’s names through our Faculty Profile Directory.  Each faculty member includes special fields of know
Get more information through a campus visit! We want students and families to experience all that our College of Engineering and The University of Iowa have to offer first-hand.  We have a collaborati
There is so much to do and take advantage of on The University of Iowa campus and Iowa City community!  Our students have very diverse interests and exemplify what it means to be an engineer…and somet
The quick answer to this question is no.  Although engineering is a rigorous curriculum, we strongly encourage our students to work smarter, not harder.  This means utilizing the resources the College
Students can be admitted directly into the College of Engineering as first-year students or transfer students.   Admissions Requirements for:  First-year students: Applicants still in high school (
Yes! MANY engineering students are accepted into the Honors Program at Iowa.  Students are eligible for the University-wide honors program as long as they maintain a UI GPA of 3.33 or higher.  It is u
Our College of Engineering has an Engineering Professional Development (EPD) department that tracks where students go following graduation and the salaries they receive (in addition to coordinating ou
Yes, generally, we think it’s a great idea and economic advantage for students to utilize AP exams and gain credit!  If the student earns AP credit but doesn’t feel very confident in their abilities f
Visiting campus is a GREAT idea and we highly encourage you to explore what the College of Engineering has to offer!  The University of Iowa Office of Admissions coordinates weekday campus visits, Haw
Yes!  Generally, there are three types of scholarships students can apply for. Scholarships are awarded through 1) the College of Engineering, 2) The University of Iowa, and 3) sources outside the uni