Student Ambassador Bios

Sophomore Biomedical from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Outside of engineering, I keep myself busy by volunteering. I am Volunteer Chair for SWE, Volunteer Director for Medicus Premedical Society,... More

Junior Biomedical from DeKalb, IL

In my free time I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I am involved in Global Buddies where I am partnered with an international exchange student. No... More

Sophomore Mechanical from Aledo, IL

In my free time I am on the University of Iowa water ski team. It is an absolute blast and I enjoy doing almost anything... More

Junior Mechanical from Sauk Rapids, MN

I love studying Mechanical Engineering at Iowa, but in my time away from the books, I enjoy... More

Sophomore Biomedical from West Des Moines IA

 In my free time I enjoy going to Hawkeye athletic events, hanging out with friends, and I... More

Senior Electrical from Cedar Rapids IA 

I love everything about the University of Iowa and things I like to do outside of engineering include running and intramurals. I am also a volunteer... More

Sophomore Civil from Bejing, China

I plan to focus on water resources as i go deeper in my engineering studies. What i love about Iowa is the professors are all very nice and helpful! They... More

Junior Industrial from Cedar Rapids IA

Once a Hawkeye…I have had the opportunity to engineer through service-learning, study abroad, research, and internships. Outside of... More

Senior Chemical from Iowa City IA

In my free time, I enjoy taking advantage of all the extracurricular activities our campus has to offer. I have been a... More