How do I complete the honors in my major designation?

Outstanding undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional accomplishment through research, directed independent study, teaching internships, or other approved nondegree enrichment activities may graduate with honors. They must maintain a University of Iowa g.p.a. of at least 3.33, complete an honors project with a faculty member, and participate in a college-wide honors seminar with faculty members and other honors students. Successful completion of the honors requirements leads to a B.S.E. with honors, which is noted on the student's transcript. See the College of Engineering Honors Program web page for details. 

Graduation with honors in the major recognizes high academic achievement based on both grades and exceptional accomplishment. To be eligible for graduation with honors, students must be recommended by their major department and approved by a selected honors committee and the director of the honors program, and they must complete honors requirements.  To learn more, speak with the College of Engineering's Director of Honors Programming, Kelli Delfosse.