How do I set up a campus visit, and what would I do on it?

Visiting campus is a GREAT idea and we highly encourage you to explore what the College of Engineering has to offer!  The University of Iowa Office of Admissions coordinates weekday campus visits, Hawkeye Visit Days, and Transfer Days.  All of these visits include an opportunity for you to visit with staff and student representatives from The College of Engineering. 

The College of Engineering hosts several day-long Explore Engineering @ Iowa programs each academic year. The Explore Engineering @ Iowa program provides an opportunity for future students of the College of Engineering to learn more about what makes our College an exceptional educational choice. Throughout the day, we hope to give you insight on why Iowa's engineering program is a great option for bright students like you. You'll have the opportunity to meet current students, faculty members, and other prospective students looking to join our team.

All visits EXCEPT Explore Engineering @ Iowa days are scheduled through the Office of Admissions.