I do not like the grade I received in a class, what can I do?

Students have to option to retake a class for second grade option. Any student can have up to 3 second grade options. In order for you to receive a second grade option they need to complete the second grade option form, located in 3124 SC or online.

The second grade option.   A student may elect to repeat a course with only the new grade being counted in his or her grade-point average. The option may be applied to no more than three courses, and it may be applied only once to a given course. Transfer students may apply the option on a prorated basis.
A course may not be repeated under the second-grade-only option once it has been used as a prerequisite for a more advanced course that the student has completed successfully.

Students who want to exercise this second-grade-only option should register as usual for the course that is to be repeated, then complete a second-grade option form at the Student Development Center. This form must be completed during the session in which the course is repeated--during the first 12 weeks of the fall or spring semester or the first six weeks of the summer session. (Unless the student follows the procedure stated above, both grades will be counted in the UI grade-point average.)

Under the provisions of this option, the registrar marks the permanent record to show that a particular course has been repeated. Both grades remain on the permanent record, but only the second one is used in calculating the grade-point average and hours earned. The course must be taken the second time under the same circumstances and with the same grade option as it was taken the first time.
The second-grade-only option cannot be used to remove a grade of incomplete, which must be removed in the usual manner. A student who holds a degree from The University of Iowa may not use the second-grade-only option on a course taken before the degree was conferred.