What if a course I took isn't on my Degree Audit?

Some courses need to be manually placed into your degree audit.  To determine if this is the case, you should do the following to guarantee that the course should be applied to your degree.

  1. If you are transferring a course from another institution you should check the following websites to see if the course was previously approved:

       If the courses is not listed on either of the above sites, you will need to obtain a course syllabus(preferred) or a course description and complete the Petition/Substitution form and obtain the appropriate signatures:

  • Core engineering courses (ENGR:XXXX/059:XXX/057:XXX) require a core course coordinator signature
  • General Education courses require the signature from the Student Development Center
  • Department required courses require the signature of academic advisor and department chair

    2. If the course was completed at the University of Iowa, please verify the following prior to contacting the Student Development Center to update the degree audit:

  • Elective Focus Area/Track form has been completed and listed on the form is the approved list of courses supplied by your department
  • General Education course meets the requirements approved by the College of Engineering
  • Course was approved by the department/college to substitute for a core engineering requirement