ETC Open House - Thanks for Coming

Iowa momento from 3D printerThe Engineering Technology Centers  -- Engineering Computer Services (ECS), Engineering Electronics Shop (EES), and Engineering Machine Shop (EMS) -- enjoyed welcoming visitors who came to the 4/25 open house and saw some of what each group does to support the College of Engineering. In the Machine Shop, G450 SC,  Steve Struckman and Bill Jennings had one of  the 3D printers making more of the Hawkeye momentos shown. (You can watch the 3d printer making these momentos.) John Kostman printed all the on-hand ceramic tiles in the VersaLaser in the Electronics Shop, 2018 SC,  and Tom Barnhart sold what people needed from the extensive shop inventory. ECS staff Matt McLaughlin and Dan Mentzer, 1256 SC, had an interactive demonstration of our virtual servers and storage, and Travis Wendling's next version of the tablet room reservation was on display.

See photos taken at the event. View and hear (mp4) the quiz and the answers.

There were 10 quiz winners. Each got an aluminum representation of the state of Iowa, created on the EMS waterjet cutter, with an annodized tiger hawk logo, then engraved and personalized on the EES VersaLaser. The EMS also made a small plastic stand for ease of viewing both sides.aluminum map of Iowa