Engineering Faculty Council AY 2014-2015

Mandate and Duties (from Article IV section 16 of CoE Manual of Procedures)

Members 2014-2015

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Spring '15
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Spring '15
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Spring '16
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Spring '16
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Spring '17

The duties of the Engineering Faculty Council shall be as follows:

  1. To assist and advise in the conduct of college business in such areas as the faculty or the dean shall request. Such activities shall normally include but not be limited to recommendations concerning:
    1. Long-range goals and objectives of the college.
    2. Short-range college priority items.
    3. Allocation of faculty positions, funds, equipment, space, support personnel, and other resources within the college.
  2. To prepare items to be included in the agenda of the faculty meetings.
  3. To supervise elections.
  4. To investigate, and dispose of as it deems appropriate, matters presented to it for consideration by any member of the faculty.
  5. To act as interim in the name of the faculty in emergency situations on matters of curriculum and instruction. Any such action shall be subject to review by the faculty.
  6. To solicit volunteers for and appoint members to standing faculty committees, formulate annual charges to these committees, and review annual committee reports prior to their submission to the faculty.
  7. To consult with the dean or the dean’s representative on a continuing basis.
  8. To consult with the department executive officers on a continuing basis and make appropriate recommendations to the faculty concerning undergraduate and graduate programs.

EFC Final report

  • Final report for AY 2014-15

EFC sub-committees (2014-2015)

  • Curriculum Committee
    • Charge | Final report
  • Information Technology Committee
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Teaching Committee

Log of EFC meetings (2014-2015)


EFC Meetings Archive