Jennifer Fiegel

Jennifer Fiegel
(319) 335-5162
4128 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Joined the College of Engineering: 
Ph.D., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, 2004.
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1998.
Special Fields of Knowledge: 
Drug delivery, polymeric biomaterials, nano and microtechnology, airborne infectious diseases.
Present Research Interests: 
Targeted drug delivery systems for disease of the lung; suppression strategies for airborne pathogens; biophysics of lung fluids.
Selected Publications: 
  • J. Fiegel, L. Garcia-Contrerars, M. Thomas, J. Verberkmoes, A. Hickey, D. Edwards. Preparation and in vivo evaluation of a dry powder for inhalation of capreomycin. Pharm. Res. 2008; 25(4): 805-811.
  • W. Watanabe, M. Thomas, R. Clarke, A. Klibanov, R. Langer, G. Fuller, L. Griel, J. Fiegel, D. Edwards. Why inhaling salt water changes what we exhale. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2007; 307 (1):71-78.
  • J. Fiegel, F. Jin, J. Hanes, K. Stebe. Wetting of a particle in a thin film. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2005; 291 (2): 507-514
  • J. Fiegel, J. Fu, J. Hanes. Poly(ether-anhydride) microparticle aerosolization improved by controlling particle surface properties. J. Control Release. 2004; 96 (3) 411-423
  • J. Fiegel, C. Ehrhardt, U. F. Schaefer, C.M. Lehr, J. Hanes. Large porous particle impingement on lung epithelial cell monolayers: Toward improved particle characterization in the lung. Pharm. Res. 2003; (20) 5: 788-796.
Active Scientific and Professional Society Memberships: 
American Society for Engineering Education; International Society for Aerosols in Medicine; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Society for Biological Engineering; American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists; Society of Women Engineers; Tau Beta Pi.