Kelli Delfosse

Director of Engineering Professional Development

(319) 335-6280
3124 Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences
Selected Publications: 

As Director of Engineering Professional Development, I have the opportunity to wear many different hats.  I help connect students and employers through the college’s co-op and internship program, engineering career fairs, on-campus recruiting and other career-related programs and networking opportunities.  I work with students to help them gain the skills necessary through experiential education to be great engineers after graduation! Part of that includes advising students on professional issues including resume writing, negotiating, interviewing and other career search strategies.

I'm also the Coordinator for our Engineering Grand Challenges Scholars Program.  As one of the first 10 institutions in the country to have an approved Grand Challenge Scholars Program, I am excited to help students make a difference and work on one of the 14 Grand Challenges identified by the National Academy of Engineering.  Most recently I took on a support role for student organizations in the college to act as a liaision and resource for all student groups with questions regarding increasing membership, marketing events, planning fundraising strategies, and I serve as the Advisor to the Theta Tau professional engineering fraternity.

Originally from Iowa, I graduated from The University of Iowa College of Business with a background in Marketing and Management. Therefore, I am able to integrate my marketing background into many of the things I do in the college AND work with college students; its perfect!  I have been working in the Student Development Center since September 2003 and have had the opportunity to be exposed to a number of different areas in the college including academic advising, honors, student orgs and K-12 Outreach.