The Staff Excellence Award for Research

The Staff Excellence Award for Research

Deadline for Nominations: March 25, 2016
Send nominations/questions to: Lisa Lang

Objective of the Award

The Staff Excellence Award for Research is given annually to recognize one member of the College of Engineering staff for their research activities, accomplishments and significant contributions to the advancement of engineering science and technology. The contributions may be in the form of books, journal papers, inventions or other scholarly activities.

Eligibility and Criteria

All permanent full-time and part-time (50% or more) Professional & Scientific, Merit, and Merit Exempt staff members employed in the College of Engineering are eligible to be nominated for this award. Nominations may be submitted by faculty, staff, or students. The deadline for nominations is March 25th, 2016.

Provide the following materials for a complete nomination:

  1. The completed nomination form.
  2. A letter of nomination (2 pages maximum) providing reasons and a clear/compelling explanation for why the nominee should receive the Staff Excellence Award for Research.

Provide concise examples of the nominee’s research activities.

Examples of topics which could be discussed in the nomination include:

  • quality of the nominee’s research, accomplishments to date, and plans for further research;
  • importance of the nominee’s research and how it has advanced the field, its contributions to the larger body of scholarly inquiry, how it has facilitated opportunities for collaboration across disciplines and/or with other institutions, and the importance of the work to society;
  • nominee’s honors and awards, other recognition, and significant speaking appointments and publications;
  • nominee’s devotion to research efforts, milestone achievements, interaction with colleagues in the field, and commitment to The University of Iowa and the College of Engineering.
  1. Include at least one, but no more than 3 letters of support (2 pages maximum each) from a faculty, staff, or student in the College of Engineering.

Nomination and Selection Process

  • Nominations for this award are conducted annually.
  • Send all nomination materials in a sealed envelope to the Staff Excellence Awards Committee, c/o Jan Waterhouse, 3100 SC or via email:
  • Nominations must be received no later than March 25th, 2016. Late or incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  • In cases where multiple nominations for a nominee are received for this award, the nominators will be contacted and asked to consolidate the nominations into one nomination that conforms to the Eligibility and Criteria guidelines.
  • Nominees will be evaluated with respect to the award criteria by members of the selection committee.
  • The selection committee will make a recommendation to the Dean for final approval.
  • The recipient will be announced at the Spring Faculty and Staff Awards and Recognition Ceremony.
  • The winner of this award will be honored and presented with a certificate.
  • Questions concerning Staff Excellence Awards may be directed to ESAC.
  • Download a nomination form.