ESAC Operating Guidelines

A. Proposals

Proposals for Council-sponsored activities or actions must be approved by the Council or the Executive Committee. If possible make your proposal available in advance of the Council meeting so that members have a chance to read and consider the proposal prior to the meeting.

Proposals may be approved in any of the following ways. This is not an exclusive list and other options may be pursued if warranted by circumstances.

  1. Submit the proposal for discussion and approval at a monthly Council meeting.
  2. Post the proposal on Sharepoint for discussion and approval.
  3. Submit the proposal to the Executive Committee for emergency consideration.

B. Budget Requests

Our operating year is April to March. All Council members are encouraged to explore resources for funding opportunities (e.g., University grants, fundraiser). Budget requests must be approved by the full Council. Council Executive Committee is responsible for submitting the request to the appropriate College or university administrator. Budget requests may be submitted anytime during the year.

C. Proposal Implementation

Once proposals have been approved, the subcommittee is empowered to take action to promote and implement the proposal without further formal approval by the Council. The subcommittee should keep the Council informed of any changes it pursues in the implementation of the proposal. Should circumstances indicate a need to change the proposal significantly from the original, the subcommittee must seek reconsideration and approval by the Council. If the change involves new budgetary requirements, the changes must be approved by the Council.