Holiday Food Drive

The Engineering Staff Advisory Council (ESAC) sponsored a Holiday Food Drive from Dec. 2–13, 2013. College of Engineering faculty, students, and staff contributed more than 500 pounds of food and other necessities to support the Crisis Center of Johnson County. The Crisis Center serves about 11,000 individuals in Johnson County and distributes more than 1 million pounds of food each year.

Although there was no formal competition, ESAC President Jon Durst says the Engineering Computer Support (ECS) contributed the most items. “It’s impressive,” Durst says. “I think the ECS staff members take a lot of pride in their contribution each year.”

Sara Steussy, chair of the ESAC Community Service Committee, says it’s easy to see how important the food pantries are — just stop and talk to a few people who use the service. “They wouldn’t have enough food to eat without the help of the pantries,” she says.

Thank you!