FTC: Team Video Submission Requirements

To help judges learn more about the teams, we are giving teams the option to submit a video prior to the qualifier tournament in which the team is competing. Judges will view this video prior to the event with the hopes of learning more about the teams they will be meeting.

Judging Video Requirements

Length: 2 minutes

Topic: Whatever the team wants to showcase. This is a great time to introduce the judges to your team. Is there something about your team you would like to highlight? Do you do a lot of community outreach? Have you helped other teams in your area? Have you connected with local businesses in your area?

Deadline: 5 days prior to the Qualifier Tournament. If your team is competing at multiple events, you will have to complete the form for each qualifier, as the judging panels will be different for each event.

Be respectful and remember your Gracious Professionalism.

Submission Guidelines

Team must upload the video to YouTube. You can keep the settings of the video as "unlisted" or "public".

Teams must complete the Video Submission Form at least 5 days prior to the competition.


    Form to submit for the FTC-Iowa Championship.