• What classes will I take as an engineering student?

    Generally, all engineering students take the same engineering, math, and science core classes during their first three semesters at The University of Iowa.  If you already have earned credit that counts towards your engineering degree, you may experience some added flexibility within your courses.  In addition to the major specific courses, you will complete the General Education Component (GEC) of your degree and select an Elective Focus Area (also known as an EFA, or a specialization of your engineering major).  Many of our students get creative within the GEC and EFA courses and are able to complete the requirements for a minor or another major and complete their degree on time! 


    During orientation and prior to registering for classes every semester, you will have the opportunity to meet with your academic advisor to ensure you are on track for your degree completion and discuss any areas of interest you would like to explore within your degree. 


  • Can I do Honors as an engineering student?

    Yes! MANY engineering students are accepted into the Honors Program at Iowa.  Students are eligible for the University-wide honors program as long as they maintain a UI GPA of 3.33 or higher.  It is up to each student how they choose to complement their engineering coursework with the opportunities offered by the Honors Program; there are a wide array of options for students – educational, social, experiential, and more!  You are able to select and participate in those options which reflect your interests, strengths, and goals.  Learn more about the Honors Program and specific information about Honors within the College of Engineering. Engineering students can graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degree with honors by completing the Engineering Honors Seminar and an approved honors/research project.

    We also provide opportunities to participate in the Grand Challenges Scholars Program, a combined curricular and extra-curricular program designed to prepare students to solve the grand challenges facing society in this century.

  • Do engineering students have to study all the time?

    The quick answer to this question is no.  Although engineering is a rigorous curriculum, we strongly encourage our students to work smarter, not harder.  This means utilizing the resources the College of Engineering offers to help you be successful and asking for help when you need it.  We have free tutoring services 5 nights a week, students create study groups to support their own and one another’s learning, and professors hold office hours if you have questions or need one-on-one help. 

    You will have plenty of time for things besides classes and studying if you manage your time well.  A great way to think about balance and time management is to divide your week into thirds.  About 1/3 of the week (56 hours) you spend in class and studying, 1/3 you spend sleeping (estimating 8 hours of sleep per night), and then you have another 1/3 (56 hours) to spend doing whatever else you want (working out, eating, showering, going to a football game, watching movies/TV, volunteering, etc.)!  We strongly encourage students to get involved with activities outside of engineering to create balance in their lives.


  • What is there to do on campus?

    There is so much to do and take advantage of on The University of Iowa campus and Iowa City community!  Our students have very diverse interests and exemplify what it means to be an engineer…and something MORE.  A few examples of involvement opportunities are:

    The opportunities on campus and in the community really are endless!  Explore upcoming events across campus and Iowa City community events/festivals.

  • Where can I learn about research conducted by the engineering faculty?

    For specific research interests and projects by faculty member, select the individual faculty member’s names through our Faculty Profile Directory

    Each faculty member includes special fields of knowledge and present research interests, as well as selected publications and links to research projects.  There are also many interdisciplinary research centers and institutes housed or affiliated with the College of Engineering that our faculty are involved with.  We encourage prospective and current students to directly contact faculty members if they are interested in getting involved with research opportunities.

  • What are the first destination (placement rates) & starting salaries for Engineering @ Iowa graduates?

    Our Engineering Professional Development (EPD) office works closely with the Pomerantz Career Center to track our graduates' salary and placement data (in addition to coordinating our co-op/internship program, hosting two yearly career fairs, providing career advising/coaching to students, & much more)!  Depending on a student’s individual goals, they may have successfully secured a position in industry/business/government or be continuing their education in a graduate or professional program (medicine, law, etc.).  We're happy to report the median salary for our 2014-2015 graduates was $60,000 and 94% had secured a position or were continuing their education within 7 months after graduation.

  • Where can I get more information about The College of Engineering?

    Get more information through a campus visit! We want students and families to experience all that our College of Engineering and The University of Iowa have to offer first-hand.  We have a collaborative and supportive atmosphere within our College and are housed on a beautiful Big 10 campus. 

    Connect to us via social media!

    Visit our Future Students Resource page! Our Engineering Viewbook and What Makes Engineering @ Iowa Unique are two especially useful and informative resources.

  • What are the admission requirements for engineering?

    Students can be admitted directly into the College of Engineering as first-year students or transfer students.  

    Admissions Requirements for: 

    • First-year students: Applicants still in high school (including students who are taking college courses while still in high school)
    • Transfer students: Applicants who have attended another college or university
    • International students: Applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents
    • Returning students: Applicants who previously attended the University of Iowa and who would like to resume their studies

    We highly encourage prospective students to join us for one of our many CAMPUS VISIT opportunities to see all that the College of Engineering has to offer.

    We also admit transfer students! Review the admissions requirements for transfer students and transfer credit guidelines for other institutions.  Typically, we look more closely at your college academic performance.  If you are unable to gain admission directly from high school you can start in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at The University of Iowa and after successfully completing the admissions requirements you can formally apply to transfer into the College of Engineering.  



  • Can I use AP credit in engineering?

    Yes, generally, we think it’s a great idea and economic advantage for students to utilize AP exams and gain credit!  If the student earns AP credit but doesn’t feel very confident in their abilities for that area of study they can still choose to take the class at The University of Iowa and use the knowledge they gained in the AP level class as a good starting foundation.  We believe students are the best judge of their abilities as to whether they should take the AP credit and directly move onto the next level course.  Students are typically able to switch courses the first week of classes during the semester, so if they experience a higher level of difficulty than expected they can always switch to a course closer to their comfort and knowledge level. 

    Advanced Placement Program Credit Policies: More specific information on AP credit, including what score you need to gain credit. Make sure to scroll down to the College of Engineering policies. 

    credit by exam options (AP/IP/CLEP)

    One caveat that MAY influence the use of AP credit is the math and chemistry placement tests first-year engineering students will take prior to orientation.  These placement tests will be the ultimate determining factor for which classes the students are able to register for.  


  • How do I set up a campus visit, and what would I do on it?

    Visiting campus is a GREAT idea and we highly encourage you to explore what the College of Engineering has to offer!  The University of Iowa Office of Admissions coordinates weekday campus visits, Hawkeye Visit Days, and Transfer Days.  All of these visits include an opportunity for you to visit with staff and student representatives from The College of Engineering. 

    The College of Engineering hosts several day-long Explore Engineering @ Iowa programs each academic year. The Explore Engineering @ Iowa program provides an opportunity for future students of the College of Engineering to learn more about what makes our College an exceptional educational choice. Throughout the day, we hope to give you insight on why Iowa's engineering program is a great option for bright students like you. You'll have the opportunity to meet current students, faculty members, and other prospective students looking to join our team.

    All visits EXCEPT Explore Engineering @ Iowa days are scheduled through the Office of Admissions.

  • Where should I live on campus?

    About 93% of our incoming engineering students start their life at Iowa in a residence hall.  We HIGHLY encourage engineering students to live in the People in Engineering or Women in Science & Engineering (WISE) Living Learning Communities (LLC).  Many successful students credit living in an engineering LLC with being the best decision they made as a first-year student (or the best decision their parents made for them!). The students in LLCs make wonderful friends, easily find study partners, and have lots of fun, too. Students are often relieved to find that there's a low "engi-nerd" factor at Iowa and that living in an LLC doesn't restrict their friendships to only engineering students. See the housing page for more info on living/learning communities.

  • Are there scholarships I can apply for?

    Yes!  Generally, there are three types of scholarships students can apply for. Scholarships are awarded through 1) the College of Engineering, 2) The University of Iowa, and 3) sources outside the university (businesses & organizations).  

    College of Engineering Scholarships
    Application deadline is January 31 for first-year students, March 31 for current students, and May 31 for transfer students


    Other scholarship resources