Current Season Tournaments


For 2016-2017, teams in Iowa with the FTC program will be participating in League Tournaments.

The calendar for the 2016-2017 Season:

Mid-May, 2016: Registration will open via the TIMS website.
Aug 1-3, 2016: Professional Development for coaches and volunteers in Coralville, Iowa (more info to come!)
Sept 10, 2016: Kick-Off
Oct. 15, 2016: Volunteer Training. Pre-registration is highly encouraged.
Dec. 17, 2016: League Championship
Jan 7, 2017: League Championship
Jan. 14, 2017: League Championship
Jan. 21, 2017: League Championship
Jan. 28, 2017: League Championship
Feb. 4, 2017: Super Qualifier*
Feb. 11, 2017: Super Qualifier*
Feb. 24/25: FTC-Iowa Championship, Coralville
March, 2017: North Super Regional

*A Super Qualifier is a one-day, 24 team tournament in which teams must advance from the League Championship. The Super Qualifier provides an opportunity for more teams to advance out of the League Championships to the next level of competition. The Super Qualifier will advance teams into the FTC-Iowa Championship. We will use the Advancement Criteria listed in Game Manual Part 1 for team advancing from League Championship to Super Qualifier and from the Super Qualifier to the FTC-Iowa Championship and from the FTC-Iowa Championship to the North Super Regional.