Pre-Engineering Camps

2015 Summer Pre-Engineering Camps


The Summer Pre-Engineering Camps strive to develop and enhance students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills, provide an opportunity for creative expression, and foster students’ curiosity about science and technology through fun-filled engineering projects. Students are encouraged to use what they know about science, math and engineering to explore this new challenge. It is a hands-on, project-based program designed to engage and inspire youth in the areas of math, engineering, science and technology. The University of Iowa, College of Engineering will be offering the following pre-engineering camps:

  • Lego Simple Machines (Grades K-1)
    This program is designed to have a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO Simple Machines. Students will have the opportunity to discover basic physical science concepts such as gears, pulleys, levers, and wheels and axles; 
    and discover their hidden talents as they design, and build their own creation. 

  • Lego Learners (Grades 2-3)
    This program is designed to have a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO WeDo Robots. Students will have the opportunity to explore new adventures, learn the basic concepts of robotics, and discover their hidden talents as they design, build, and program their own creation.

  • Lego Robotics I (grades 4-6)
    This program is designed to introduce students to the principles of robotics, computer programming, and teamwork. Students will have the opportunity to use their imagination and critical thinking skills to design, program and control fully functional robotic models that will accomplish specific tasks by using software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions. The this camp will focus on pushing an opponent’s robot out of a sumo ring.

  • Lego Robotics II (grades 4-6)
    Students will design, build and program autonomous robots using the LEGO Mindstorms Robotics kits. Participants will work in a team environment to create a robot to complete various missions. Using an EV3 brick, servo motors, and various sensors, the robots will move on wheels or treads. Besides having fun, participants will learn problem solving, communication and team work skills. As well as learning functional programming, principles of simple machines, gearing and mechanics.

  • Tetrix Robotics (grades 7-9)
    Students will design and build a robot working in pairs using Tetrix Robotics Technology, remote controlled robots. Students will delve into authentic scientific research and a hands-on robotic design.  A robotic challenge at the end of the week will put their skills to the test.  Instruction will include basic engineering skills and how input/output devices can be used to affect the behavior of their very own robots.


The pre-engineering camps are focused on certain grades for certain programs, in example, Lego Learners (Grades 2-3); This means that the participant should either be entering 2nd or 3rd grade in the Fall 2015.  The camps are sequenced by participation and grade.  If your child begins in Lego Simple Machines (K-1), the next step would be Lego Learners (2-3).  If you child begins with Lego Learners (2-3) and wants to join Robotics I (4-6), despite the grade level indicator, your child can proceed. Factors such as maturity, aptitude and understanding should be considered before registering; however, each camp does have camp mentors that can assist students with projects. The sequence for the rest of the camps are Robotics I to Robotics II and Robotics II to Tetrix Robotics.  You can register for a sequence camp, but not in the week.  The application process consists of the online application, and the submission of the signature page and payment.  Once you have completed the online application, please print out the signature page and sign and submit that page with your fee.  Once these items are collected in our office, your application is complete.  The online application DOES NOT reserve your spot. We may have 20-30 applications for 12 camp spaces for a certain week and time. You could be the first person to complete the application, but wait to submit other needed items and applicant sixteen may complete and submit all items immediately and will have a reserved spot. So, please remember to submit the signature page and fee to reserve your spot as soon as possible. A confirmation letter and receipt will be emailed to you after your application is complete.  Waitlists will automatically be generated for those individuals whose preference for a certain camp is full.

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Step One:  Complete the online registration form here - CAMP REGISTRATION CLOSED

Step Two:  Print the signature page, sign it, and mail back with your payment