Transfer Students

We're glad you're thinking about transferring into Engineering@Iowa!  

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Minimum Admission Requirements for all Transfer Students:

  • Completion of two courses: Single-Variable Calculus I, and either Principles of Chemistry I or Calculus-based Physics I, with grades of A or B.
  • As and Bs in any subsequent math, science, and engineering courses taken.
  • Completion of high school unit requirements.
  • The University of Iowa requires a minimum transfer GPA of 2.50.

For students transferring from outside the University of Iowa:

  • Complete the admission requirements listed above.
  • Apply Online.
  • Send an official transcript from every college and university you have attended. See more detail at
  • See "Transferring Credit" section below.
  • Once admitted to the College of Engineering, you may request a degree audit on your MyUI site to see how the courses you've taken fulfill degree requirements.
  • Email Megan Allen with any course transferability questions.

For current students at the University of Iowa transferring into the College of Engineering:

  • Complete the admission requirements listed above.
  • Apply Online.
  • Request a "What If" degree audit on your MyUI site to see how the courses you've taken fulfill engineering degree requirements.
  • Once admitted to the College of Engineering, call 319-335-5763 to schedule an engineering academic advising appointment.
  • Prior to being admitted into Engineering, you may request Special Permission to register for the first two engineering courses: Engineering Problem Solving I and II.
  • You may wish to take ENGR:1000 Engineering Success (1 hr), which is offered in the fall semester. There is no special permission required to take this course..

Transferring Credit

Transfer guides have been created for many community colleges and several universities; see list below. If your school has a transfer guide, that is your best resource for courses to take (and how they'll transfer) for the College of Engineering.

If we do not have a transfer guide for your college or university, or you have questions about additional courses not listed on the guide, consult one or all of these online tools:

MyUI Transfer Couse Equivalency Guide

I-Chart for Iowa community college students

Transferology a nation-wide network

If you have a question about a course that you can't find through these tools and you have not yet been admitted into the College of Engineering, contact the Office of Admissions. If you already are admitted into the College of Engineering, contact Megan Allen. You may need to provide a syllabus and course description.


Iowa Transfer Guides

Illinois Transfer Guides

Other Transfer Guides

NOTE: Courses listed in the college transfer guides or on MyUI have been pre-approved for transfer and DO NOT require any additional paper work. Transfer credit not listed in the above two search options will require advisor and department chair approval, except for general education courses which require approval from the Student Development Center only. Transfer credit is evaluated after the student submits a course description and a completed Transfer Credit Agreement Form to the Student Development Center, 3124 SC.

NOTE: A grade of C- or higher is required for transfer credit to be applied toward an engineering degree. Remember to have an official transcript sent directly to the UI Admissions Office, 108 Calvin Hall, Iowa City, Iowa, 52245.

Links to College Catalogs

Use these links to find course descriptions at area colleges.


Iowa Colleges

Illinois Colleges

Minnesota Colleges

Wisconsin Colleges