What Makes Engineering@Iowa Unique?

Iowa Will Change You. You Will Change the World.

Encouragement to become an engineer & something more: Engineering students at Iowa are intelligent, well-rounded, problem-solvers. They are also Big Ten athletes, Hawkeye Marching Band performers, leaders of student organizations, musicians, fraternity and sorority members, entrepreneurs, artists, student senators, dancers, international travelers, hospital workers, intramural competitors, volunteers, researchers, and more.

Direct admission into the engineering prograM: We admit students directly into the College of Engineering from high school or after transferring from another institution. Once you are admitted into the College of Engineering, you are free to choose whichever engineering major you want! The most common major for first-year engineering students is "undeclared engineering", so if you are interested in engineering but not quite sure what discipline, our program allows time for exploration, while staying on track to graduate in four years.  

EASE IN SWITCHING BETWEEN ENGINEERING MAJORS: The majority of our students take the same math, science, and engineering curriculum the first few semesters they are on-campus, which provides at least three semesters for you to decide what major you want to focus on.  If you come in with a specific declared major and want to switch, the process is as simple as a click of a mouse.  We do not have quotas for the departments or "weed out" procedures - we want you to study what you are interested and passionate about!

FANTASTIC SENSE OF CAMARADERIE & COMMUNITY: We are a small College of Engineering that directly admits and allows students to select whichever major they want. Our students experience a supportive and collaborative community.  The moment you set foot on campus, faculty, staff, and your peers invest in your success.  From free tutoring five nights a week and group projects throughout your engineering courses, to numerous engineering student organizations and opportunities to conduct research with faculty members, we promote teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills which allow you to become a successful and marketable engineer.

our powerful combination: We feel our students get the best of both worlds, a small College of Engineering nestled within a Big Ten, Research I university.  You will experience personal attention within your Engineering at Iowa education and can take advantage of endless opportunities for exploring your interests, developing your career, and having a remarkable college experience.