Why Engineering@Iowa?

Iowa Will Change You. You Will Change the World.

BECOME AN ENGINEER ... AND SOMETHING MORE. Engineering students at Iowa are smart, interesting people good at working in teams to solve problems. They're also international travelers, Big Ten athletes, Hawkeye Marching Band members, leaders of student organizations, fraternity and sorority members, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, hospital volunteers, student senators, dance marathoners, intramural competitors, researchers, and more.

DIRECT ADMISSION into ENGINEERING and into the MAJOR OF YOUR CHOICE: We admit students directly into the College of Engineering from high school or upon transfer from another institution. From that moment on, students can choose to study any engineering major and can change majors at any time. There are no GPA cutoffs or quotas by department, no "weeding out" of students. We want students to study what they are interested in and passionate about. Engineering@Iowa students take three semesters of courses in common which gives students time to settle on the right engineering major while still staying on track to graduate in four years.

A DIVERSE & WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT: Over 29% of the Fall 2015 first-year students in Engineering@Iowa are women ... compared to the national average of just 20%. Under-represented minority (American Indian, African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islanders, and Multi-Racial) students account for 16% of the first-year students, and 4% of the first-year students in Engineering are international. Everyone is welcome in Engineering@Iowa ... and everyone can benefit from the variety of experiences and backgrounds, talents and perspectives that our students bring to the College of Engineering and to the University of Iowa.

FOCUS ON SUCCESS: Engineering@Iowa provides a supportive and collaborative community within the University of Iowa. Faculty members teach all the classes ... teaching assistants are there to assist the teachers, not be there instead of them. From free tutoring five nights a week and group projects to over 30 engineering student organizations and plentiful opportunities to do research with faculty members, we promote teamwork, creative problem-solving, and leadership skills which allow our students to become successful engineers.

SIZE: A POWERFUL COMBINATION: The College of Engineering at the University of Iowa is Engineering@Iowa students benefit from a small(er) College of Engineering nestled within a Big Ten, Research One university.  In fall 2015, there are 561 first-year students and 2165 total undergrads in Engineering@Iowa. There are great advantages in an environment where students and faculty know each other well and feel part of a unique engineering community.  Add that to the excitement of being on a Big Ten campus with incredible athletics & performing arts, interesting research & politics, engaging speakers and people to meet from around the country and around the world, and the academic and social environment is hard to beat. 

IOWA CITY IS AN INCREDIBLE COMMUNITY:  "Vibrant ... Cultured ... Accessible ... Fun".  Learn more.