Study Abroad

The most successful engineering graduates will possess the skills to thrive in the emerging global environment.  The engineer of the future must contribute to productive collaborations among diverse colleagues from around the world.  A global experience as an undergraduate will provide invaluable exposure to different cultures and new ways of thinking, and will set you on the path to success.    
     --Dr. Alec Scranton, Dean of the College of Engineering

Why study abroad?

Global opportunities for students are becoming increasingly important, as it is very likely that, regardless of discipline, engineering graduates will interact with customers and colleagues across the globe. See more here.

Where will YOU go?

Options abound, and it’s never too early to start exploring your options.

Summer | Winter Term | Fall & Spring Semesters | Information Specific to Your Major

Steps to Studying Abroad

  1. Explore your options by reviewing these Study Abroad resources:  First Steps and Major Advising Pages
  2. Define your objectives
  3. Visit the Study Abroad Resource Room in 1111 UCC to meet with a Peer Advisor for more information on a wide variety of programs that would meet your objectives and fit in with your academic plan
  4. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss study abroad as part of your academic plan
  5. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor to receive further guidance and help with narrowing options to help you make a final decision
  6. Complete preliminary Course Review Form (optional)
  7. Apply to the study abroad program of your choice
  8. Apply for scholarships and financial aid.
  9. Get accepted and confirm participation
  10. Start preparing and complete the Credit Approval Form process
  11. Go abroad!

Study Abroad Course Listings/Equivalencies

Click here to view a list of courses that have already been reviewed