Pablo M. Carrica

Associate Faculty Research Engineer IIHR-Hydroscience & Engineering

(319) 335-6381
223D Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory
Joined the College of Engineering: 
Ph.D., 1993 Nuclear Engineering, Instituto Balseiro, Argentina.
B.S. 1990 Nuclear Engineering, Instituto Balseiro, Argentina.
Special Fields of Knowledge: 
Multiphase flows; computational fluid dynamics; large-scale computations; ship dydrodynamics.
Present Research Interests: 
Ship hydrodynamics; computational fluid dynamics; unsteady RANS and DES modeling of free surface flows; two-phase flow modeling and numerical computation; high-performance parallel computing; two-phase flow instrumentation development; fluid-structure interaction; aerodynamics of wind turbines.
Selected Publications: 
  • P.M. Carrica, J. Huang, R. Noack, D. Kaushik, B. Smith & F. Stern, Large-Scale DES Computations of the Forward Speed Diffraction and Pitch and Heave Problems for a Surface Combatant, Computers and Fluids 39, 1095-1111 (2010).
  • J.P. Johansen, A.M. Castro, & P.M. Carrica, Full-Scale Two-Phase Flow Measurements on Athena Research Vessel, International Journal of Multiphase Flow 36, 720-737 (2010).
  • K. Palik, P.M. Carrica, D. Lee & K. Maki, Strongly Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Method for Structural Loads on Surface Ships, Ocean Engineering 36, 1346-1357 (2009).
  • F. Moraga, P.M. Carrica, D. Drew & R.T. Lahey, The Modeling of Air Entrainment by Breaking Bow Waves and Surface Ships, Computers and Fluids 37, 281-298 (2008).
  • P.M. Carrica, R.V. Wilson, R. Noack & F. Stern, Ship Motions using Single-Phase Level Set with Dynamic Overset Grids, Computers and Fluids 36, 1415-1433 (2007).
Active Scientific and Professional Society Memberships: 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Society for Engineering Education