IE Graduate Admissions

Requirements and Procedure


The minimum requirements for admission into the Industrial Engineering graduate program are:

  • Minimum GPA 3.0 on a 4.0
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • GRE scores: 153V; 151Q; 4.5AW   *OLD GRE Scale scores: 500V; 650Q; 4.5AW
  • TOEFL scores (international students only): 600 (equivalent to 250 computer based; 100 internet-based version)

Official transcripts should be mailed to:

The University of Iowa
Graduate Admissions
107 Calvin Hall
Iowa City, IA  52242-1396

Some of the above requirements can be waived in select cases when other components of the application are particularly outstanding. Satisfaction of the above requirements does not guarantee admission. Students can be accepted with a BS or BA degree in engineering, physics, mathematics, psychology, and other science areas. At a minimum, students with non-engineering bachelors degrees are expected to have a good knowledge of calculus. Preliminary coursework may be required for students without an industrial engineering bachelors degree.

Graduate Application Procedure

Information regarding the procedure for applying for graduate studies can be obtained from the website of the Graduate Admissions Office.

Application Deadlines

Fall Semester--July 15 (April 15 for International Students)
Spring Semester--December 1 (October 1 for International Students)
Summer Session--April 15 (March 1 for International Students)

*all requirements must be fulfilled by deadline dates

Financial Support

Most Industrial Engineering graduate students receive financial support through a combination of research and teaching assistantships and fellowships. Decisions about research and teaching assistantships are made by the individual faculty members. Questions about availability of financial support should be addressed to faculty in your primary area of study. Awards and reappointments are highly competitive and are based upon the student's academic record, prior performance, the ability to serve, and upon an assessment of the candidate's potential contribution to the research and teaching goals of the program.

Financial support is available through research and teaching assistantships on either a semester or academic year basis. Stipends currently are approximately $21,000 (half time or 20 hours per week) for an academic year of graduate study. Other levels of support are also possible. If an award is made, nonresident students usually also qualify for resident tuition fees, and this is worth approximately $8,300 per academic year. Normally stipends are not immediately awarded to overseas applicants, but, after admission and enrollment, an application can be made. Preference for graduate student support is given to PhD students.


Visits / Questions

Photo of students working

We are always happy to arrange a campus visit for prospective graduate students. Please call Tara Hoadley at 319-335-5939 to set up your visit. Questions about the graduate application process should also be addressed to Tara at the above address. Other questions should be addressed to the Department Chair.