Mechanical Engineering Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program are listed below.

Within a few years of graduation, our graduates:

1. Will have successful careers in engineering and beyond and will have assumed professional roles of increasing reponsibility and impact.

2. Will have acquired new knowledge and expertise through professional development oppurtunities or advanced education. 

3. Will be engaged in workplace, professional or civic communities. 

The following methods and strategies are used in the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program to achieve these program educational objectives:

i. Foster a personalized, supportive environment for all students by taking advantage of the unique combination of a small college atmosphere in a major research university;

ii. Enrich the undergraduate experience through experiential learning and international study opportunities;

iii. Provide a solid foundation and understanding of the fundamental principles of both the thermal-fluids and mechanical systems aspects of mechanical engineering for all students;

iv. Enable a flexible, liberal curriculum by offering students the opportunity to take a 21 s.h. elective focus area either in any of a set of pre-developed interdisciplinary offerings or in an individualized elective focus area that is tailored to the student’s career goals;

v. Provide students with opportunities to participate in multi-disciplinary design teams and to develop and practice written and oral communication skills, both within the team and with a broader audience;

vi. Equip students for professional practice by providing courses that instruct students on how to design, conduct and interpret analysis, experiments and simulations in thermal-fluids and mechanical systems engineering;

vii. Provide students with opportunities to design mechanical engineering systems, components, and processes to meet specific needs and constraints in select courses throughout the educational program;

viii. Provide a contemporary grounding in professional responsibility, including ethics, the global and societal impact of engineering decisions, and the need for lifelong learning.

There are 476 undergraduate engineering students majoring in Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2013).  The most recent 6-year graduation rate for first year students who completed their degree with a major in Mechanical Engineering is 65%.  The 6-year graduation rate for first year Mechanical Engineering majors, regardless of final major, is 78%.  Most of the attrition occurs between the first and second years.  Approximately 93% of Mechanical Engineering majors return for the 2nd year.